About Erik - Originally from the Twin Cities area, I moved to the northwest suburbs of Denver in 1998. During my high-school realm of math and science courses, I captured the world through digital media with my first camera and self-taught the basics of composition and creativity. Throughout college, I continued to developed my shooting personality and individual traits that allowed me to cover campus events and university organizations. After college, I have been on-site photo-documenting local events across the Rocky Mountain area.

The Charm - I'm a witty, upbeat character that dedicates my work to the very end. This red-head can be easily approached and can chat-up a storm with ease!

Shooting Philosophy - Professionally I strive to shoot for "final print", where images are typically untouched, outside of color correction, in post-production. To capture the real-life intensity and action of the events that unfold in front of the lens, I utilize a wide range of settings to attain the proper and exposure composition. Images can be easily personalized with specific creativity upon request; please contact myself directly for more details.

Ambition - I want to provide the best results imaginable during each and every photoshoot. With engaging with clients before the first shutter is even clicked off, I'm listening to questions and concerns, and I aspire to make your time remember-able and enjoyable.

Equipment Specs - I proudly shoot with Canon digital-SLR camera bodies with an array of lenses and accessories. I am always is on the prowl to try different focal lengths and lighting compositions to depict any favored mood throughout an photo-session.